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Basketball Rebounding Drills for Kids

Here are Some Easy and Fun Basketball Rebounding Drills for Kids

For kids, practicing various basketball drills is important to become a better team player. If you want some helpful rebounding drills for kids, here's an article that you don't want to miss...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
In basketball, rebounding is an integral component for offensive players to make the basket. For any team, let that be a group of high school kids, college students, beginners, or even professionals, every team member has a position, a place in the team that he/she excels in. Everyone has a part they need to play in order to gain points and win the game. Which is why, coaches put the players through various basketball drills so that they can get better in their respective roles and be an asset at different positions on the court as well. Now there are teams who do exceptionally well during defense or offense. However, that isn't the case for all the players in a team. So if a coach believes that a player isn't doing well offensively, he/she can be trained to rebound with aggressive and strategic manner. In this article, you can learn about different rebounding drills for players, so that they can understand the fundamentals of this very important technique.
Drills for Young Kids
In order to learn how to be a good rebounder, a player has to concentrate on his/her jumping abilities. The rebound shot is taken very close to the basket and it is vital that a player can jump higher than his/her opponent and snatch the ball away.
Box-Out Shooter Drill
  1. The players will make 2 lines under the basket where the 1st player of all 3 lines will take a step forward.
  2. These 3 players will play offense. The 2nd player of all 3 lines will take a step forward and will play defense.
  3. The 3rd player of all 3 lines will take a step forward and will play defense on the 2nd player from their respective lines.
  4. The coach then shoots the ball, misses it, and makes the ball bounce off the rim. Here, defense players will turn around and box-out the offensive players.
  5. This way, the offensive players can't get to the ball and this way, defensive players can save the basket.
  6. Each player in the lines will shift one place with each other and change roles to learn the drill.
Free-for-All Drill
  1. This Free-for-All drill is one of the most effective team rebounding drills in basketball.
  2. Have all the players stand under the basket, make a huddle.
  3. The coach has the ball and he/she will shoot it from outside the huddle and deliberately miss the basket.
  4. The players who have to stand under the basket will try to grab the ball.
  5. A player who successfully grabs the rebound 3 times will come out of the huddle and take the coach's place; the drill continues.
Superman Drill
  1. For our next rebounding drill for kids, we will do a drill that requires players to improve their stamina and jumping potential.
  2. Have a player stand right under the basket and jump as high as he/she can.
  3. To make this drill challenging, have the player hold a basketball over his/her head.
  4. As the player jumps, he/she should bounce the ball off at the backboard every time, catch it, and place it back on his/her head.
  5. This way, the player understands if he/she can jump high enough to reach the ball for rebounding it.
  6. At a time, have each player jump about 5-7 times. On the last jump, have the player make the basket.
1-2-3 Rebound Drill
  1. 3 players will stand in 1 line right under the basket. Place 3 offensive players on the 3-point line.
  2. The coach will call out 1 from under the basket and throw the ball to 1 offensive player.
  3. This player has to shoot the ball as the player, whose number was called out will run towards him/her and try to block him/her.
  4. The player with the ball, the offensive player will try to make the shot till the defensive player achieves a rebound.
  5. The drill continues with the rest of the defensive players trying to learn how to rebound successfully.
Think of the drills mentioned in the article as essential basketball rebounding exercises for the players. Apart from these drills, you can read an article on basketball drills for kids for more help.
There are different types of rebounds in basketball as each team tries to possess the ball during a free throw or when a shot is missed. A coach is the better judge as to how and when a team requires to perform drills to successfully master it. All the drills which were mentioned in this article are to help you become a better player and enhance your skills to recover the ball during a game.
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