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Priceless Tips on How to Improve Your Bowling Game

How to Improve Your Bowling Game
Knowing how to improve your bowling game isn't difficult at all, and the information here will make it even more easy for you. On the other hand, following these tips with determination doesn't come that easy. Read on to know how exactly you can improve your bowling game, in no time.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Feb 11, 2019
You start playing a sport or a game as a hobby, and somehow, you start playing it exceptionally well. Gradually, you see yourself playing more of that game. Has this happened to you since you first started bowling? If yes, here are some tips that will tell you how to improve your bowling game, and come in form, gradually.
There are certain prerequisites which are crucial for the improvement of your game. The first thing you need to know is that every game demands your time. Dedication, determination and discipline, are some more values you will have to sincerely inculcate in yourself before you start practicing seriously.
Techniques to Improve Your Bowling Game
Maintaining the right posture is a very important aspect while improving your game. Remember, what you are going to deliver, depends completely on how you start. If you start wrong, you are bound to make mistakes further.
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Make sure you're looking at the pins ahead of you, and that your shoulders are firm too. You have to focus on holding the ball correctly at this time, and also manage and work on your grip, as you won't get time for this later on.
Once you've maintained the right posture and are confident with holding the ball, you can move to the next technique.
The Approach
The approach is one of the most important techniques you need to focus on while improving your game. The time when a bowler approaches the foul line, to release the ball, is called the approach.
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A bowler has to release the bowl without touching the foul line. The 5-step approach is followed by most professionals, whereas beginners / amateurs practice the 4-step approach more. Perfecting the most basic approach will also take time and lots of practice, so be patient.
The Release Style
Next, we come to releasing the ball. There are two things you need to master here. First, the way you want the ball to roll and reach the pins, and second, the style in which you release the ball. You should know all these techniques, and can master the one you are most comfortable with.
The two ways in which you can roll the ball down are called 'Straight' and 'Hook and Curve'. Similarly, the styles in which professionals release the ball are 'Stroker', 'Cranker' and 'Tweener'. Some involve more spinning while some involve more force. You need to actually practice these to know them better.
Some More Tips
Visually seeing players play will always help you learn more than reading about the techniques. If you want to improve your game, you should follow people who have reached an exceptional form. Some tournaments to watch out for are Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships, PBA World Championship, and AMF World Cup.
Seek Information
The easiest and best way to know more about this game is to surf the Internet and read books. You will find tons of articles, videos and eBooks on the web telling you how to improve your bowling skills. Equip yourself with as much information as possible.
Then again, just the information won't help. Also watch bowling games on TV and attend all the leagues possible, to learn about different bowling tips and techniques that might come handy at any time. It is the techniques you need to focus on, more than anything else.
Practice Makes a Man Perfect!
Now that you have studied all the possible techniques and have all the information to back it, start practicing as much as you can. Participate in any league that allows you to, and practice on your own too.
Self experimentation can work wonders at times. You need to learn how to apply all the techniques within the frame of all the bowling rules and regulations. It is alright if you lose some of the leagues, all you need to focus on is the practice. Look for sports clubs that hold bowling competitions, and enroll yourself for them.
Hire a Professional
There will come a time when you think you are in form and can get really better with some professional help. Hire a professional coach at this time and sharpen your game further. You have to understand that in any sport, improving is a constant process, and you have to constantly look for ways to improve further.
Hiring a professional will make your game better than it is now, as your coach will tell you exactly what it required from you. He will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, due to the experience behind him. If you want a good coach, you will have to come to considerable form.
Be Careful with Equipment
You can't improve your game if you aren't careful with the equipment you use. The pins and the ball are the most important aspects that you need to take care of while improving your bowling game.
US Bowling Congress (USBC) has laid down exact rules and regulations pertaining to the length, width and weight of the pins. Make sure you examine the pins you practice with even during the leagues. Not all clubs follow such standardizations.
Professional leagues require compulsory accreditation by either USBC or the British TenPin Bowling Association (BTBA). Similar standardizations are applicable for balls too. Research and learn about these as well. Be particular with your shoes and gloves as well.
These were some tips which will surely help you in knowing how to improve your bowling game. Any sport, at any level, needs coaching, so see to it that you save for that too. Practicing too much will lower your concentration. Practice for a specific time every day, and you'll see some improvement soon.