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Good Cheers for Cheerleading

Good Cheers for Cheerleading

It is said that half the game is won by the crowd that comes to support a team. The louder the cheers, the greater are a team's chances of victory. It's the job of the cheerleaders to get the crowd going, and nothing is more effective in this than a set of creative and entertaining cheerleading chants, like the ones presented in this article. Have a look...
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Cheerleading has evolved to be one of the most popular activities in colleges, especially for girls. There is fun, excitement, and lots of hard work in this activity. Not surprisingly, being in the college cheerleading team is a dream for many young girls.

Cheerleading cheers set the momentum of the game, and infuse a sense of enthusiasm in the team. When done properly, they can help a team make a sudden comeback, even in games where all hope seems to be lost.

So, if you and your squad are all set to lead your team to victory by getting the crowd to root the loudest, check out the cheerleading chants presented here. These have been provided to ignite that creativity in you, so that you can come up with even better and more creative ones for 'cheer' leading your team to victory.

Cheerleading Cheers and Chants

Were fired up,
Were sizzlin,
We can't be stopped,
Come on Mighty Eagles,
And take it to the top!

Hey wildcats, (name of the opposing team)
Were back to attack,
Well show no slack,
Prepared to fight,
With all our might,
Maroon and white, (school colors)
We've just begun,
Our excellence will be known,
Our perfection will show,
Accelerate, non-stop,
We'll give it all we got,
So wildcats stand clear,
We'll show no fear.

Hey Fans! (clap,clap)
In the stand! (clap,clap)
Stand Up and clap your hands! (clap,clap)
Yell Go Panthers Go! (clap,clap)
Go Panthers Go! (clap,clap)
Hey Fans! (clap,clap)
In the stands! (clap,clap)
Stand up and clap your hands! (clap,clap)
Yell Fight Panthers Fight! (clap,clap)
Fight Panthers fight!
Hey fans! (clap,clap)
In the stands! (clap clap)
Stand up and clap your hands! (clap clap)
Yell Win panthers win! (clap clap)
Win Panthers win! Hey fans! (clap clap)
In the stands! (clap clap) stand up and clap your hands! (clap clap)
Yell Go Panthers Go!
Yell Fight Panthers fight!
Yell win panthers win! GO! FIGHT! WIN!

Step up, step back introduce yourself
My name is (your name),
The rest of the squad says: (YEAH!)
And I'm a (Team Name),
The rest of the squad says: (YEAH!)
And I've got spirit,
The rest of the squad says: (Alright, alright, alright)
After the entire squad has introduced themselves, they will say:
We are the (team name) - (YEAH)
We're Number One - (YEAH)
And we've got spirit - (Alright, Alright, Alright!)

For Kids..

Kids, when trained during their early years of life, are able to develop confidence and skills which are the most important aspects of cheerleading. The following are a few cheerleading chants that can be taught to kids.

Come on crowd let's hear it,
Yell for the blue,
Come on crowd show your spirit,
Yell for the silver,
Come on crowd now you feel it,
Yell for the white,
Put it all together now,
Yell for the blue, silver, white,
Again - blue, silver, white,
Last time - blue, silver, white

1,2,3,4 Come on Knights Lets stomp the floor
Stomp the floor, stomp, stomp the floor,
5,6,7,8 Come on Knights Lets Rotate
Rotate Rotate (the 1st time turn half way round 2nd time turn back all the way to the front)
9,10,11,12 Come on knights Stand Up and yell
Go Go Go Go Knights Go Go Go Knights.

Go! Fight! Win! (clap)
Stand up and yell!
Go! Fight! Win! Tigers!
Stand up and yell! Go! Fight!
Win Tigers!
Stand up and yell!
Go! Fight! Win!

Tigers (clap) in the stands
Stomp (stomp on "stomp") your feet and clap (clap on "clap") your hands
Score! Two! More! (stomp and clap on each word)
Score! Two! More! (stomp and clap on each word)
Score! Two! More! (stomp and clap on each word)

Use the above chants to come with your own which would be more effective and entertaining. You can even include lines which are humorous, as they can be pretty effective in lifting up the mood of your team and the crowd as well. Do keep in mind however, not to be profane or demean someone, while choosing your words.
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