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Cheerleading Cheers for Kids That'll Entertain and Inspire

Cheerleading Cheers for Kids
Introducing cheerleading cheers in sports is a great way to help develop the concept of team spirit and sportsmanship in kids.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
The sports ground fills with cheerleading chants and cheers. The energy soaring sky high, the momentum building, the pulse getting stronger and stronger. The general air of tension and anticipation. The teams enter the field to the deafening sounds of cheer and furor. Supporters pledge their unity and loyalty while the teams form at the center of the ground. Then from the side entrance enters the cheerleading squad. Kids of all ages make way into the ground in flowing skirts, bright colors and tassels in hand. Then one following the other, there are cheerleading cheers in the field, heard from far and near. The crowd's spirit reaches a crescendo as the cheers and chants get louder and louder.
That is exactly what cheerleading chants for kids (school, college or even otherwise) are supposed to do for teams - they build their spirit and egg them on for a great performance. In the following article, we will give you some great examples of cheerleading chants that you can use in your sports events and fill the grounds with a general air of excitement.
High School Cheerleading Chants
With the potent powers that cheerleading cheers have and the fact that they can turn a game around, we now proceed to give you some examples of cheerleading chants. Here is a great collection of some of the best cheerleading chants from high school.
High School Cheerleading Chants
Let's go
Let's fight
Let's win
Are you ready for us?
For some (your school initials) football?
We're here!
Two teams.
One goal!
Our victory's in sight!
Good luck to you,
from the red, blue and white, (substitute your own colors.)
Go, (team name)!
We're heading for a basket
We're moving down the floor
We are the mighty warriors (team name etc.)
And we know we're gonna score.
Fire it up (clap twice)
Get on up (clap twice),
Fire it up, and up, and up, and up! (stomp twice)
Slash that v
Dot that i
Curl that c-t-o-r-y
Victory uh huh
Victory oh yeah
Take it to the limit
Take it to the top
We're the might warriors
And we can't be stopped!
Stand up,
It's time to shout
Come on fans,
Yell it out
Say it loud
Say it proud
Let's go warriors and stop that ball.
High School Cheerleading Chants
Bust 'em! beat 'em
Let's defeat 'em!
Go, warriors, go
We know that we are the b-e-s-t
Better than all the r-e-s-t
We don't need no music
We don't need no bands
All we need is warrior fans
Rockin' in the stands!
Warrior team
Six points more
C'mon central
Raise that score!
If you came to win
don't even think about it.
We are warriors.
There are no buts about it.
Red and black
We will attack!
Funny Cheerleading Chants
Who says cheerleading cheers have to always have a serious note to them? There can be humor infused in them as well for an unparalleled effect. In fact, there are several cheerleading songs that exemplify this perfectly.
Ladies and gents
We present to all
a mighty fine team
That plays uh uh football
Hands up
rut tut tut tut
hands down
rut tut tut tut
all around
rut tut tut tut
to the ground
rut tut tut tut
uh rut tut!!
Cheerleading Cheers for Kids
What do we got?
We got a lot
We got a team
That's red hot!
Go, go, go, go
Fight, fight, fight, fight
Win, win, win, win
Go, fight, warriors win!
Get down, get funky, get loose
and shake your caboose!
Now start with the feet
Go feet 2, 3, 4
Go knees 2, 3, 4
Go hips 2, 3, 4
Go shoulders 2, 3, 4
Go head 2, 3, 4
Get down, get funky, get loose
and shake your caboose!
Cheerleading Cheers for Kids
We've got the power to
we've got the power to
we've got the power to
whoop you!
Hey all you warrior fans
sittin' on your rumps
stand up and give
your neighbor a bump
bump dee bump
bump, bump dee bump
bump dee bump
bump, bump dee bump!
How funky is your chicken
how loose is your goose
so come on all you warrior fans
and shake that caboose
shake that caboose
shake that caboose!
I hope these cheerleading cheers for kids will help you in doling out the right spirit and egging on your team to the ultimate victory. Remember to have fun with these and make them work for you.
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