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A Highly Creative Collection of Fantasy Football Team Names

If you need a helping hand in coming up with a creative name for your fantasy football team, here's some help. You can choose any one of these, or even take these as an idea to come up with something cool of your own.
Shrinivas Kanade
Last Updated: Jun 8, 2018
'What's in a name?', is a familiar expression that we have come across many times. However, in practice, we cannot do away with names, even when we are indulging in the virtual world of fantasy football. Before one can draft football players of choice to form a team and participate in any of the major fantasy football leagues, he has to choose an identity for it. A creative name for a team is essential, and it should be catchy enough to stand out among numerous names that are already in use.
Even though fantasy football has been around for a long time, its fan base was not as widespread as it is today. The spread of the Internet to every nook and corner of the globe gave this indulgence a shot in the arm at the right time. An increase in the number of fans, i.e., the number of individuals who want to manage his or her own football team virtually on the Internet has become a cause of rush for fantasy team names.
  • Seals In Competition
  • Joyous Badgers
  • Monkey's Paw
  • Old Droughts
  • Destruction Pioneers
  • Pizza Makers
  • With love From '...'
  • Rule Benders
  • Wolf Pack
  • Soap Bubbles
  • Elephant Grass
  • Quick Sand
  • White and Black Heads
  • Triangular Wheels
  • Fixed Horizon
  • Brownian Motion
  • Place Finders
  • Darters on the Field
  • Puzzle Solvers
  • CrossHairs
  • Hurricane Lamps
  • Green Signal
  • Long Hands
  • Homing Barracuda
  • Dodo on the Run
  • Head Shrinkers
  • Rings Of Uranus
  • Turtle Dodgers
  • Leg Cramps
  • Wall of Thermocol
  • Rolls Rice
  • Top Secret Victory
  • The Weed Killers
  • Ashamed Squirrels
  • Long Tailed Mouse
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Bankrupt
  • Fragile Muscles
  • Weak Hearts
  • Slow Finishers
  • Blind Blunderers
  • Unsalables
  • Vicious Rabbits
  • You Turn
  • Andy Bandy
  • Shadow of the Sun
  • Lice in Wonderland
  • Last in the Race
When one decides to own a fantasy football team, the fun starts with choosing a name for it. Some owners prefer names that include names of their favorite football players in part or full. On the other hand, many prefer to link theirs with a certain cause or an event, and sometimes with existing great teams.