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Team Bonding Activities for Cheerleaders

5 Super-exciting Team Bonding Activities for Cheerleaders

Run out of team building activities for cheerleaders? Well, cheer up people, because here is something you would like to know! But for that, you would have to read ahead...
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
The practice hall was as empty as usual. The only thing which filled it up was a slight glimmer of sunshine through one of the half-open windows. The cheerleaders came a few minutes before the usual practice time. They went through the usual motions, practiced their moves, some said Hi and Hello to the people they bonded with, and that was that. Mark had been observing this for quite sometime, and had an eerie feeling of lack of togetherness in the squad. He was thinking of what to do, sitting there, when he came across a fabulous idea to get the group to gel together well. In a few weeks after he thought of it and started implementing those ideas, he started seeing a marked difference. The practice was much brighter and livelier, and everybody got along extremely well with each other.
Are you also in the same kind of a fix? No need to worry! Here is a list to help you out.
Knowledge' is Bliss

One day just cut the practice time to half and then get everyone to gather around and sit. After they are relaxed a bit give them paper and pen and ask them to write whatever they know about the person sitting next to him or her. It could be either one sitting on the right or left, so decide that. That done, everyone should read what he or she has written. The person being written about then will briefly add to whatever has been written about him or her. This will ensure that all the members know at least the minimum information required about each other.

Thrust or Trust?

Play the trust circle game. One person will stand in the middle of the circle with eyes closed, arms crossed. Then that individual will lean on one side, with her body completely stiff. The members forming the circle will catch her and let her tilt in other direction. This is amongst those very cliched but good bonding activities for groups. For improving cheerleading stunts too, this will be a great activity.

Bowling the Disharmony

Well, once in a while the team can go for bowling together. Bowling will require the whole group to be divided in teams and playing. So by playing together they can know about and converse with each other. All this will lead to better gelling and interaction between the cheerleaders. That will eventually help in improving moves and stunts. If bowling is not possible, may be just a small party or playing pool will do the trick.

Words of Wisdom

Ask all the team members to write one positive and motivating adjective (each) on a piece of paper. Then collect the notes and read them aloud. While you are reading or even after you are done, ask the team members to add to it. This will be a really good team bonding activity.

Lining Up on the Motivation

Divide the group in two, and there will be tasks which the groups have to accomplish. The groups will compete with each for finishing the task first. One of the tasks could be lining up alphabetically according to the names, or birthday or according to age. Amongst team building activities this a fantastic one.

Well, these apart, even a candid and casual group chat or a discussion on topics of interest can help in bonding.
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