Pool Table Dimensions

Accommodating a pool table in a room requires a lot of space. Here's a look into the dimensions of pool tables to help you decide the size you should be getting for your premises.
SportsAspire Staff
Billiard table
Traditionally known as Pocket Billiards, pool is a game that is enjoyed by people belonging to any age group. Nothing serves as a better stress buster than a beer and a great game of pool. Though a lot of people believe this luxurious game is exclusively enjoyed by the rich, it is actually enjoyed by people belonging to all classes. Most of you may have dreamed of having a pool table in your house, and now you are on the verge of realizing this dream. Understanding the dimensions of a pool table is essential, so that it can be easily accommodated in the room you are planning to keep it in.
The standard dimensions of pool tables that have been set by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) vary depending on the purpose they have been used for. The dimensions of the pool table you wish to purchase and use will depend on the type of player you are and therefore the type of games you will play, and the room size you can accommodate the table into. Pool table sizes are usually based on the ratio 2:1, where the length of the table is exactly double the width of the table. These dimensions and specifications have been explained below.
  • In order to play tournament style matches on your pool table, it is essential that you go for the size that is used at international level pool tournaments. These dimensions have been specified as standard for such purposes by the WPA. Thus, the dimensions of a full size pool table are 9' x 4' 6" or 108" x 54". However, the area that you are entitled to actually play on is 100" x 50".
  • In some cases, the dimensions of pool tables used during WPA tournaments may also be 8' x 4' or 96" x 48", where the area you are entitled to actually play on is 92" x 44". Depending on your requirements and the space considerations, you may choose from any of these sizes. Using a pool table meant for tournaments will hone your skills in the game and enable you to develop superior abilities in enjoying this game.
  • The dimensions of a pool table for the purpose of recreation are commonly of the size 8' x 4'. One more standard size for this purpose is 8' 6" x 4' 3" or 102" x 51". These tables are usually utilized by those who wish to enjoy this game at home.
  • Next, the dimensions of pool tables used in public places such as bars and pool rooms are 7' x 3' 6" or 84" x 42". This however, is not a thumb rule, and some pool rooms are designed specifically for highly skilled players, who may then utilize tournament sized pool tables.
  • The width of the rail in a standard pool table along with a cushion can range anywhere between 4" to 7-1/2".
  • The standard height of every pool table ranges between 29" to 31" in order to provide a comfortable position for players of different heights.
The standard length of the cue used to play pool is 58". The other sizes available for the same are 42", 48" and 52". In order to accommodate the pool table in any given space, the room should be a minimum of ten feet wider than the table on all four sides. This is so that you can comfortably bend and accommodate the cue stick to play the game without any obstacles all around the table.