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Attention-grabbing and Motivating Cheerleading Competition Cheers

Cheerleading Competition Cheers
The first American Football university/college game, the initial sporting environment to witness the birth of cheerleading, was held in 1869 between Princeton University and host school Rutgers University located in Piscataway, New Jersey, Northeastern USA; setting the stage for cheerleading to begin.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jan 30, 2018
"It doesn't matter what people think about cheerleading, if it's something that you love to do than that's all that counts."
― Author Jade, Barbourville, KY, USA
Picture this - there's a football match about to start. The spectators are in a gala mood, waiting for their favorite team to come out and conquer their rivals. Players of both teams stand face to face opposite each other on the playground. There is tension in the air as the rival teams give each other those "I'll get you" kind of a look. It is at this point that cheerleaders make a grand entry and start the cheerleading cheers and chants routine. With the appropriate use of cheer words, they are able to add to the crowd's enthusiasm and anticipation as well as motivate their team simultaneously.

Cheerleading has always been a popular sport in schools and colleges. Today, all major sporting events in the world start with good-looking, fit girls dancing on such cheers and chants. Looking at its popularity, many young kids and teens want to take up cheerleading as a profession when they grow up.

So, if you are someone who is getting ready for a cheerleading tryout in your school or someone who is already a pro at pepping up but wants to try out something unique this time, given below are some attention-grabbing cheers for kids, teens, and adults, which are just what you need.
Cheerleading Competition Cheers for Kids
Let's go, let's fight, let's win tonight!
■ Let's go! (clap, clap, clap)
Let's fight! (clap, clap, clap)
Let's win (clap, clap, clap)
Let's go, let's fight, let's win tonight
Let's go!
■ Get down, get funky, get loose
and shake your caboose!
Now start with the feet
Go feet 2, 3, 4
Go knees 2, 3, 4
Go hips 2, 3, 4
Go shoulders 2, 3, 4
Go head 2, 3, 4
Get down, get funky, get loose
and shake your caboose!
■ Stomp (pause) and shake it!
Panther fans (clap on "fans")
We wanna see (clap on "see") you
Stomp (stomp on "stomp") and shake it (clap)
Stomp (stomp on "stomp") and shake it!
■ Fire it up, and up, and up, and up, and up
Fire it up (clap, clap)
Fire it up (clap, clap)
Fire it up, and up, and up, and up, and up!
■ Stand up,
It's time to shout
Come on fans,
Yell it out
Say it loud
Say it proud
Go your (School Name)
Go! Go! Go!
Cheerleading Competition Cheers for Teens
■ Give me a B! Give me an E! Give me an S! Give me a T!
What's that spell? Best! Best!
Put us to the test!
We'll beat the Hornets!
We won't give 'em a rest!
■ Go team! Go team!
Who do we mean?
We'll say it loud,
Because we're proud.
Panther pride! Panther pride!
We're steppin' up, so step aside!
We're the best; we're here to win
Panther power's here again!
■ Hey wildcats (opponent team's name)
Were back to attack
We'll show no slack
Prepared to fight
With all our might
Maroon and white (school colors)
We've just begun
Our excellence will be known
Our perfection will show
Accelerate, non-stop
Well give it all we got
So wildcats (opponent team name) stand clear
Well show no fear.
■ "We're here to cheer our winning team,
Come on, everybody scream!
Feel the spirit movin' in
Cause tonight we're gonna win!
Say it proud, say it loud, E-H-S!
One more, E-H-S!"
Cheerleading Competition Cheers for Adults
■ Hi my name is _______ and I like to shake and when I shake I make a boom earthquake, (everyone) She makes a boom earthquake, She makes a boom earthquake (after everyone is named) Hi! We are the cheerleaders and we like to shake. And when we shake, we make a boom earthquake! We make a boom earthquake!
■ Explosive! Dynamic! Sure to pass the test!
We explode with spirit, and eliminate the rest!
Hey! Get ready for the best you've ever seen!
Blue, Gray, and White are back again that's right!
Shocking the nation, the team you won't beat!
The pride of Virginia, BCS!
We're determined, believe it! We will achieve it!
Excellent perfection, (pause, pause) No exception!
Total domination! Complete Devastation!
We'll hypnotize you, mesmerize you, Right before your eyes!
Superior ! Elite! The team that can't be beat!
Believe it, you'll see, we're the best there can be!
Cowboy fans we're here, so stand up and cheer,
Yell Blue! Blue! Yell Gray! Gray! Yell White! White
Put them all together, yell Blue, Gray, White! Blue, Gray, White!
The Blue Star tradition will last forever,
You think you are good, We're better!
■ Cheer with the bears (clap, clap)
Cheer with the beat (clap, clap)
Cheer with the bears (clap, clap)
And get up off your seat (Slap Butt)
Once you get that feeling and your fingers start to (Jump back slapping thigh)
POP (snap while saying "pop")
Cheer with the bears (clap, clap)
Until you can't be (look back bring hand with you)
Stopped! (holding your hand in "Stop sign")
You are sure to enthrall spectators and enthuse your team to win. So go ahead, dance to these cheerleading chants, and spread the cheer!
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