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College Sports: Should College Athletes Get Paid?

The Never-ending Sports Debate: Should College Athletes Get Paid?

College sports function as a platform for young athletes to move on to the next level. Whether or not monetary compensation should be given to college athletes depends on the infrastructure of the management.
Gaynor Borade
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Colleges often encourage students to participate in sports competitions, as that raises the standard of achievement in physical fitness. This allows the students to hone their skills. Also, college sports also improve the college environment. College athletes have become the regional focal points, as well as the promoters and ambassadors of excellence in physical education and community sport. They are mediums for extending links between the various colleges and sports communities.
When there's focus on sports in colleges, it enables the young athletes to build a career in sports. Sports increase participation in physical education. Through such activities, the talented players can be spotted, which in turns allows them to get a chance to realize their potential. There are times, when athletes with a weaker socioeconomic status might find it hard to pursue sports. This issue could get resolved, if college athletes get paid. However, the decision to pay or not to pay these athletes largely depends on the mindset of the management.
Paying them may or may not prove to be the best for all the young students who strive to prove themselves outside the curriculum. On one hand, if they are paid, students who really need the funds could avail of an opportunity out of the grants and concessions that are not 100% receivable due to a number of factors. These factors include the family background, availability of guarantors, and even the inability to provide the minimum paperwork necessary. On the other hand, if they are not paid, then there is a possibility of a number of athletes opting out.
Thus, the issue is a debatable one and can be only decided by the management and staff of the college. The various things that need to be considered while looking into whether or not college athletes should get paid include the level of physical education imparted, the commitment of the college towards sports, and the club-link strategy, if applicable. The compensation could be extended through dedicated provisions and facilities that could be designed to benefit the students with sporting abilities. Students with caliber should be encouraged at the college level.
The time has arrived for college managements to work with one another and develop the facilities at hand, and the human resources to function as a tripod, with the athlete at the helm. Paying athletes with a view to improving the available learning opportunities and national initiatives is a great way of spelling 'worth'. They are now a part of a number of specialist programs that are amply funded and rewarded by the sponsors. Leaving the choice of medals or cash prizes to the sponsors seems to be the best option while considering whether the college athletes should be paid or not.
The awareness towards issues like these requires a forum and awareness towards the desire of college athletes to be compensated monetarily. A sound mind in an athletic body, with a complimenting monetary compensation is the mantra for the new generation college athlete!