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50 Cool Electric Run Team Name Ideas That are the Best Ever

50 Cool Electric Run Team Name Ideas
Electric Run is a 5K run where you're surrounded with music and beautiful lights. If you think it would be a fun event to participate with your best buddies, you may want to register well in advance. And we are here to help you choose the best team name. So, here's a compilation of a few creative 'electric run' team names.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: May 13, 2018
Run for a Cause!
The Electric Run is partnered with ONE, which is a campaigning and advocacy organization of many people who are helping to put an end to extreme poverty and diseases, especially in Africa.
Electric Run is one of the runs which you would actually want to run. Electric run is an 'electric wonderland', where you feel like you're in some other world, when - in fact - you're in your city itself. You can run/walk/dance through the colorful lights spanning the entire route. You can use your creativity to the maximum, to dress up so that you glow in the dark. You get to run with flashy glow sticks. You also have many options and which route to take - like a theme-park. Some other themes can be like Electro Rainforest or Under the Sea. It all sounds like a dream but it's possible in reality. You can participate alone or as a team (+4 people). Also, it is open for people of all ages. The rules only apply on alcohol drinking. But, the run can be enjoyed by the whole family. They have cool afterparties too.

Choose a catchy name for your team, which you think will suit your team. Below are some cool and funny team names.
Electric Run Team Names
Electric Express
The Rainbow Groovers
The Colorful Currents
Rainbow Connection
Neon Ninjas
Color Fusion
Glow with the Flow
Shake the Rainbow
The Shining Shimmers
Stayin Alive
Neon Divas
Light Brights
5 Shades of Awesome
Glow Girls
Neon Youth
The AC/DCs
The Dark Moves
The Glowing Dancers
The Grooving Runners
Team Glow!
The Glo-Getters
Two Left Feet
Color Me Bad
Dancing in Colors

Happy Feet
Collective Electrics
Rocking Currents
Chasing Rainbows
Shimmering Runners
The Dazzling Spectrums
The Neon Animals
The Glares
Electric Color Bombs
The Runbows
The Glowing Hearts
The Shockers
Stunner Runners
The Trippin' Hip-Hopers
Fit and Fabulous
Night Light
Electric Blazers
Lightning Herd
Light Busters
Glow Run Glow
Bolt Off Racers
Electric Racers
Night Runners
Bolt Runners
Electric Movers

We hope you have got 'The' name. For some more details you can check the website of Electric Run. Plan well and register beforehand. Enjoy your trip to the wonderland!