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Kick-ass Volleyball Drills and Routines That are Thoroughly Engaging

Fun Volleyball Drills
In order to stay motivated and agile, you need to incorporate fun volleyball drills into your practice. Read on to practice drill that'll make you an invaluable part of the team.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2019
Beach volleyball player
Volleyball drills help in training players to understand and apply the various aspects of the game. By developing different techniques and skills, these drills come in handy to become a better athlete.
Woman Blocking a Volleyball
For a more accurate hit, pass, block, and serve of the ball, these drills can help build a stronger team as it teaches the players to rely on one another in order to be the best at the game.
Tipping the Ball Over
Volleyball action
For this drill, have 2 players stand on either side of the net. With the ball, all 4 players will try and tip the ball from one side of the court to the other. The ball needs to be tipped above the net, and reach the other side.
By doing this drill, you can ensure the players will have a better speed of getting the ball to the other team, and improve precision.
Jump to the Ground
During a live match, you must've seen that players jump, dive, and nearly fly across to save the ball from hitting the ground. This means, there's more to volleyball than just hitting the ball on the court.
So for our next drill, we will try to get the fear of hitting the ground, and taking that plunge. First, the players will jog in one place and when the whistle blows, everyone will drop down to the ground. Make sure that all the players are hitting the ground together.
2-on-6 Players
Divide the players into 2 teams. First team has 2 players, and the second team has 6 players. Keep the most experienced and strong players in the first team. Let the 6 players team serve them, and make sure they can play defense.
You can have the players take turn to be in the 2 players team. This volleyball drill focuses on being tough, invoking competitive spirit, and get even better at the game.
Pass the Ball
In this passing drill, the players will stand across from one another and pass and return the ball in the same speed and technique as if it were a real game. For variation, you can have 2 players throw the ball to 1 player or have 2 players stand diagonally to one another. This drill helps in sharpening the players' skills, accuracy, and reflexes.
Vertical Drill
For our final drill, have the players stand on a gymnastic spring floor. With the ball in hand, have the players do squats, or bunny hop around the floor. Every day, before practice, the players can do 5 rounds of bunny hop around the spring floor so that it can help them jump vertically during the game.
Athlete Playing Volleyball
If you are playing the game as a hobby but would like to get better at it, consult a coach to give you some pointers. As for volleyball athletes, there's no one better than your coach to help you out. Keep practicing these, and other drills, to become a better athlete.