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These 50 Funny Hoopfest Team Name Ideas are Going to Crack You Up

50 Funny Hoopfest Team Name Ideas
Hoopfest is a basketball match which is played 3-on-3. The most important thing is to find a name for your team of 3. This post gives you some awesome team names to choose from.
Raksha Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
The Hoopfest Fever Facts!
➤ The origin of this one of a kind tournament dates back to 1974. It was played in a small town in Texas.
➤ The biggest hoopfest event is conducted in Spokane, Washington. It started in 1990 with only 2,009 players (512 teams). Currently, the event is so huge that over 7,000 teams participate, 3,000 volunteers come down to organize, and more than 250,000 fans come to cheer.
Hoopfest is a basketball tournament which is conducted once a year. The match is played by teams with 3 players and other than that, one player is kept as a substitute. It is held for various reasons like awareness, charity, or just for playing. It is usually played on the streets and it covers a big area including building and hotel parkings, courts, and whatever is available.

The Spokane hoopfest being the biggest, is played in an area of around 42 city blocks. It is played on the basis of the basic rules of basketball but it may vary depending on location or physical ability. This event is open for people of all ages and abilities. All through the years, many small children got to score their first baskets and also many elderly senior people have enthusiastically participated in the events. The costumes have also changed as the years passed. Some may come with uniforms and some may even come in a Halloween outfit.
Hoopfest is the place to be if you're keen on playing and winning the Hoopfest cup! Find your team members, decide on a name and register. Below given are some cool and clever team names.

Creative and Funny Team Names for Hoopfest

Smoking Threes
Hoop Breakers
The Dunkin' Boys
Victorious Secrets
Basket Brawlers
Trippin' Balls
Ball Busters
Vicious Vixens
Vicious and Delicious
Hoops! We Did It Again!
The Dribbling Weirdos
The Basket Bees
The Wild Bunch
Team Sky High
Stinky Dribblers
Jumping Jockeys
Flying Cats
Dunkin' Balls
Sweaty Socks
Triple Threat
Block or Bleed
The Shooting Stars
Lightening Strikers
Flaming Cheetahs
The Zingers/Zappers
Icy-hot Flyers
Ball Girls
Ball Dribblers
Curry Up and Shoot
Inglorious Jumpers
High Five Heroes
Unicorn Killers
Ball Talkers
Adrenaline Masters
Nintendo Toughies
Six Pack Disciples
Vicious Ninjas
Fearless Skyrocketers
The Mighty Men
Fire Breathing Arsenal
Invulnerable Hitmen
Heavy Duty Kickers
Diehard Dazzlers
The Flaming Marshmallows
Insulated Six Packs
The Bouncers
Jumping Jacks

The hoopfest tournament is played in many different countries and states so check where you can play. Enjoy the match and play your best. Now, go on and shoot baskets!