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50 Netball Team Name Ideas

50 Netball Team Name Ideas That Sound Remarkably Audacious

How risqué can you go while choosing a name for your net ball team? This SportsAspire article suggests some daring, hilarious, and unique names to choose from.
Mary Anthony
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018
Did You Know?
Netball is the #1 women's sport in countries like Australia, New Zealand, England, Jamaica, Hong Kong, and Fiji.

James Naismith had invented men's basketball in 1890, and he was asked to create a women's version of the same game by the Boston YMCA, and thus, the miniature version of netball game was formed. This later spread to other countries through English school teachers in the early 1900s.
Women became adept in this game, but tweaked the game by dividing the court into thirds and introduced a new rule that said that the ball must be caught or touched at least once in each third without running with the ball. The blackboard was omitted and the ring was reduced to a smaller size soccer ball, thus creating "netball" that we know today. Given below are some sassy name suggestions for your team:
Netball Team Names
  • The Mighty Morphins
  • Jalapeno Hotties
  • Fire Breathing Kittens
  • Dangerous Divas
  • Hot Shots
  • Bone Crushin Ballerinas
  • Eye Candy Chicks
  • Cherry Bombs
  • Stars & Stripes
  • The Shining Shimmers
  • The FlyBallers
  • Shooting Stars
  • American AllStars
  • Smokin Aces
  • The Opposition
  • Game, Set and Snatch
  • Netballs to the wall
  • Tyrannoballus Rex
  • Nets Top Model
  • Sweaty Bettys
  • Pitch Slap
  • Viscious and Delicious
  • One Hit Wonders
  • The Y-Nots!
  • Warrior Queens
  • Victorious Secret
  • Crappucinos
  • Bearded Clams
  • Chasing Rainbows
  • Cunning Stunts
  • Venomous Vixens
  • One Hit Wonders
  • Poison Ivy
  • Razmataz
  • Rowdy Rockets
  • Ruff Riders
  • Dragonites
  • Dirty Dozen
  • La Flames
  • Lemon Shots
  • Team Kaos
  • Team Titans
  • Trojans
  • Assassins
  • S*M*A*S*H
  • Always on Top
  • The Jetsetters
  • Hocus Pocus
  • The Knackerbags
  • Nads and Borks