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How to Do Gymnastics Tricks at Home and Impress the Guests

How to Do Gymnastics Tricks at Home
Are you looking to develop your skills as a gymnast? If yes, then here's an article on how to do gymnastics tricks at home that might help...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Note - Gymnastics is a sport that requires an individual to have a flexible body that is strong, energetic, and agile. In order to learn the different tricks in gymnastics, professional coaching is necessary for beginners. If you have never done gymnastics tricks before, do not attempt to perform them on your own as you might put yourself at risk of injury.
Gymnastics is one sport that joins grace with strength, agility with focus, and flexibility with coordination. There are many young kids who are more and more enthusiastic about becoming a gymnast when they grow up. Starting at a young age, the acrobatic and rhythmic techniques of gymnastics are taught. Although, this certainly doesn't mean that you can't learn the different tricks performed at a later stage in your life. All you require are correct technique and professional guidance to learn and understand the different forms of gymnastics.
Keeping this in mind, we have put together some gymnastics tricks which can be done at home. Now, remember, learning these tricks for the first time might be complicated and confusing. Even though the article does mention the steps to do various stunts, we will definitely recommend you consult a gymnastics coach to help you with the tricks. The tricks mentioned below should be used to only understand the basics of the techniques so that you have a clear idea as to what is expected of you.
Performing Gymnastics Tricks at Home
You can try practicing the gymnastics tricks in your backyard or even in an empty room inside the house. Make sure that the room is big enough for you two move around to attempt the tricks, and has no furniture. As for the backyard, clear it out as well because you don't want to bang into something while trying the cartwheel.
Stand on one side of the area where you are doing the cartwheel and stretch both hands up. Point the right foot forward, keeping it slightly above the ground. Lean forward from your waist, put your weight on the right foot, and keep your back and both legs straight. Lift the left foot off the ground and lean furthermore down so that your right leg bends from the knee. As you go down, bring both hands down as well so you can support your body weight on them. Lift your right leg off the ground as well and stretch both legs as far away from one another as possible.
Rotate your body weight from one side to another so you can finish the cartwheel. As you come to the other side, your right foot will land on the ground first and then the left leg. You will reverse the steps on how you started the cartwheel to end it. Stand up straight, point left foot forward and that's it.
Place a mat on the ground, kneel on the floor by keeping one foot in the front, bent at knee, and the other foot extended in the back. Push you hips forward, keep your chest up, and back straight. Here, before doing the split, your legs need to be stretched properly. To begin the split, your chest will be facing forward at all times, both legs will be straight but turned slightly outward, and the toes need to be pointed.
Stay close to a wall in the beginning, bend your right leg's knee and support it against the wall. This is done when you are in the split and you need to stretch both legs. If you want, you can even ask a friend to hold your leg instead of supporting it on the wall. Pull your chest upward, lean slightly back from the waist, and look behind as far as you can. And that is how you do a split.
Center Split
To perform the center split, sit on the floor and touch the soles of your feet together. Keep your back straight, chest held high, and lean forward, towards the floor from the waist. Extend both hands forward, keeping them straight as well, and bring your head down, closer to your feet. Place the palms of your hands flat on the floor, look forward with head still down, and open your legs. You need to stretch your legs as wide as you can with the toes pointed at all times. Now bring both legs on either sides and bend the knees at 90ยบ angle with legs (from the knees) stretched behind you.
Support the body weight on your elbows and forearms, and bend your waist just a bit; look upward. Now extend the right leg towards your right side, keeping the support on your elbows and forearms, and your left leg in the bent position. Extend the other leg as well and push your upper body upwards with both hands. Face forward with your chest up and back straight. And that is how a center split is done.
Apart from these tricks, there are other gymnastics moves which you can learn. However, professional guidance is absolutely necessary. Which is why, if you have the passion and desire to learn how to do gymnastics tricks, at home is somewhat risky, join gymnastics classes. Trust me, it is the best option available if you wish to pursue gymnastics furthermore; professionally or for pleasure.