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Krav Maga Techniques

Krav Maga Techniques

Information about the origin and philosophy of Krav Maga moves and tactics, along with the different Krav Maga techniques, are presented in the article below.
Shashank Nakate
A close contact form of self defense, Krav Maga is widely used by military personnel from across the globe. Developed in Israel, different Krav Maga techniques were derived from street fighting skills of Imi Lichtenfeld. He made use of his wrestling and boxing training in order to develop the Krav Maga fighting techniques. In the period of anti-Semitic activity (between mid and late 1930s) Imi Lichtenfeld used these techniques to defend the Jews in Bratislava. Grappling, wrestling, and striking techniques are mainly used in different Krav Maga moves.
Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques
The name Krav Maga is formed of two words, 'Krav' and 'Maga' which mean 'combat' and 'contact' respectively. The different tactics and techniques are classified under following categories: stances, kicks, punches, blocks, head strikes, ground fighting, and throws and takedowns.
The basic idea behind using Krav Maga is neutralizing the opponent and positioning oneself as to suffer minimum injury. Krav Maga is neither a sporting application nor martial art of any kind. It is a simple idea of utilizing basic moves in order to defend oneself. There are no set rules for practicing Krav Maga. Instinctive body reflexes form the basis of learning this art. One can therefore, expect to learn some real moves right from the first day. Anybody can start learning this technique; gender, age, and physical abilities don't act as a hurdle in the process of learning.
Neutral or Passive Stance Back Position of the Ground
Fighting Stance Bobbing and Weaving
Side Position on the Ground -

Offensive Front Kick Groin Kick
Knee Strikes Round Kick
Defensive Front Kick Roundhouse Knee Strike
Back Kick Side Kick
Back and Side Kicks with a Spin Uppercut Back Kick
Inside and Outside Slap Kicks Heel Kick
Axe Kick Inward Angle Knee Strike
Sweeping Techniques Spinning Heel and Slap Kicks
Switch Kicks -

Straight Punch Eye Strike
Palm Heel Strike Low Punch
Throat Strike Hammerfist
Hammerfirst to the Back or Side Hook Punch
Horizontal/Vertical Elbow Strikes Inside Chop
Uppercut Mouth of Hand
Outside Chop Overhand Punch

Blocking Techniques
360 Degree Defenses
Straight Punch Defense with Counterattacks
Inside Defense against a Straight Punch
Defense against an Uppercut
Defenses against a Hook Punch
Defenses against a Low Round Kick
Defenses against a Front Kick
Outside Defenses against a Straight Punch
Defenses against 1-2 Punches
Defenses against a Heel Kick
Defenses against a High Round Kick
General Defense a High Kick
Defense against a Side Kick

Side Position on the Ground
Back Position of the Ground
Side Kick from the Ground
Front Kick from the Ground
Getting Up
Round Kick from the Ground
Defenses against Punches while Mounted
Stripping a Foot Grab
Trap and Roll while Mounted
Being Choked while Mounted
In a Headlock while Mounted
Techniques to Escape from a Guard
Reversing a Guard
Arm Bar
In a Headlock from the Side
Being Choked from the Side
Straddled, with Wrists Pinned
Side Mount
Triangle Choke
In a Headlock from Behind

Throws and Takedowns
One/Two Leg Takedown
Hip Throw
Sacrifice Throw
One-arm Shoulder Throw

The different Krav Maga techniques enlisted in the article should give a rough idea of this form of self defense. These techniques can be learned by anybody for the purpose defense. Use of these direct and practical self defense techniques can be of great help in real life.