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Martial Arts Weapons

Martial Arts Weapons

The weapons used in martial arts are mainly classified on the basis of their form. Have a look...
Shashank Nakate
Martial arts are mainly for the purpose of self-defense. The weapons used by martial artists the world over have a great variety and classifying. There is a rise in interest among people about the weapons that were used in ancient and medieval times.
Chinese Weapons
The weapons used in Chinese martial arts have great variety; these weapons were used in Kung Fu and other martial arts.
Staff: The staff/stick is a simple tool used in self-defense, and also for many other purposes. It is known as the 'Father of all Weapons' in Chinese martial arts. Depending on the length, staffs were classified as Dragon Staff (8-9 feet), Shaolin Staff (5½ - 6½ feet), Cudgel, Carry Staff (¾ of an average person's height), and Flute.
The pounding used by martial artists from China are enlisted below.
Crutch/Cane Lashing Staff Hammer
Buddha Hand Eight Corner Hammer Golden Melon Hammers
Water Parting Shield Cymbals Three Section Staff
Mother and Son Hammer Hook Dragon Head Stick
Wolf Teeth Hammer Wolf Teeth Club Flail
Shield Mace Two Section Staff

Chinese Sword: Medieval Chinese were advanced in terms of technology as compared to Europe. The specialty of swords made by them was that, the quality of durability and resilience were combined together. Europeans weren't able to develop this technology for centuries. The Lungchuan swords from China is a popular name. The axes used in Chinese martial arts are as follows.
  • Wushu Hero Li Kwel's Double Axes
  • Wushu Long Stick Ax
Korean Martial Arts Weapons
The Korean weapons used are described in the following paragraphs.

Jang Chang:
Wood obtained from the yew tree is used to make this weapon. The Jang Chang is basically a 5-foot spear, and material such as bamboo and other soft wood can be alternatively used instead of yew. Owing to its flexibility and length, the Jang Chang was amongst the highly effective weapons used in Korea.
Kee Chang: This 9-foot long spear comes with a 9-inch. blade. It was a flag spear used in creating confusion during a battle, by the act of waving it vigorously. This weapon was mainly used in deceptive attacks.
Dang Pa: The Dang Pa has three blades, and its length varied between 7½ feet - 8 feet. The tip used for the Dang Pa was made either of wood or iron.
Martial Arts Weapons List
The list of weapons given below enlists different types used by people from the world over.
Types of Knives
A small and handy weapon to use in martial arts, the knife gives power to act swiftly.
Katara (Push Knife) Karambit Dagger
Bow Knife Balisong (Butterfly Knife) Deer Horn Knives
Kukri Kris Kujang
Kirpan Push Dagger Makhaira
Kunai Rondel Machete
Trench Knife Tanto

Swords are important in martial arts. Here is some useful information on the different types of swords.
Swords are important in martial arts. Here is some useful information on the different types of swords.

Broadsword Bokken Bolo
Arming Sword Claymore Chisakatana
Butterfly sword Dao Daito
Falcata Doppelhander Golok
Gladius Federshwert Japanese sword
Laito Hook sword Kodachi
Kampilan Jian Kopis
Khopesh Pulwar Pata
Nodachi Ninjato Nagamaki
Scimitar Shamshir Rapier
Single sword Scramacax Shinai
Taijijian Wakizashi Talwar
Waster Zweihander Samurai Swords Sets
Long Weapons
The different types of long weapons can be found in the list below.

Bisento Arbir (Indonesian halberd) Eku
Bo Ji (halberd) Gun (staff)
Kurunthadi Guan dao Jogo do Pau
Pudao Lathi Ox tongue
Nagamaki Monk's Spade Halberd
Quarterstaff Qiang (spear) Naginata
Spear Sibat
Sarissa Yari Kanabō
Stick Weapons
Here is a list of stick weapons used by martial artists.

Nunchaku Kubotan
Hanbo Arnis sticks
Tambo Shillelagh
Otta Jo
Yawara Tonfa
Simbat Yubi-bo
Soft Weapons
The different soft weapons are enlisted below.

Dragon beard hook Bolas
Flying claws Surujin
Urumi Meteor hammer
Tabak-Toyok Whip
Lariat Rope dart

Here are a few instructions which could be of use in the process of training with martial arts weapons.
  • The basic thing to start in weapons training is learning to use one's imagination. A martial artist should be able to use weapons in different ways in life-threatening situations. Flexibility is also an important attribute needed here.
  • It is necessary to understand that a weapon is any tool at your disposal used for self-defense. Therefore, without classifying different weapons in terms of a specific use/purpose, one should be able to make best possible use of it.
  • Practicing a lot with knives automatically helps in developing skills needed for handling swords.
Weapons used for martial arts developed in various regions and their designing had an influence of the local conditions and the purpose for which they were used. There is a lot to understand about these weapons. However, the summarized information presented above, should be of some help.