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Which is Really Better? Hybrid Irons or Regular Irons

Which is Better? Hybrid Irons or Regular Irons
Golf is all about an impeccable sense of vision coupled with choosing the right club at the right time. You probably know about the types of iron clubs that are used in golf, you've probably even heard about the newer hybrid golf clubs that people use. Learn more on how to choose between them.
Arun Prabhu
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
TaylorMade Rescue was one of the first to utilize the hybrid style of club-making. It was originally intended to 'rescue' the ball from a tough spot. It was designed to give the ball maximum lift to get it out of a constrained space. This concept is now in use by the modern hybrid clubs. Ever since their use, people have been rapidly switching over to the hybrid clubs. To know about the differences between them and regular irons, you need to know the kinds of clubs out there and where they are used.
Golf irons
  • The long irons are the 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-Irons.
  • The mid irons are the 5-, 6- and 7-Irons.
  • Short irons are the 8- and 9-Irons.
Hybrid irons are available in all the same numbers, so for every regular iron club, you get its hybrid counterpart. They fall under none of the regular golf club categories, so we need to classify them as a separate class.
Basic Information
Regular Irons
Irons in golf bag
The regular irons are shorter than wood clubs. They are used for shots on the green and to hit angled shots to steer from trees and rise out of bunkers. Before the advent of the hybrid irons, regular irons were classified into cavity-back and muscle-back, depending on the club head.
Hybrid Irons
Hybrid Driver
As per the CMC, hybrids are classified into two, as a utility club or as a hybrid iron-wood club. They are basically the new type of clubs, meant to take place of the regular iron clubs. They come in the same category as long irons and fairway woods. They can also replace the wedges.
Hybrid Irons Vs. Regular Irons
A hybrid iron is designed to near-perfection, meant to do what the regular clubs failed to do. Find out the areas where it fares better than the regular.

  • The club shaft on the hybrid iron is shorter than that on the regular iron. This gives the user a lot more control over the club, giving you the ease to get the right swing.
  • The club head is larger on a hybrid than a regular iron. This gives a larger area on the club head to hit the ball with, giving a more deeper contact during the shot. It also gives the user more room for error. The face of the club is also slightly more convex than a regular iron head.
Material Used
  • Club shafts are made of different materials. The hybrid club is made of graphite or a stainless steel alloy. Both give the shaft a useful amount of flex and smoothness. Great care is taken to ensure the right kind of shaft making.
Golf clubs
  • Club heads are sometimes made of the same material as the regular irons. They are either hollow steel or titanium cased. An alloy that gives the head more weight is mostly used. The weight of the club head in a hybrid is much more than a regular iron. This means two things; the weight on the end of the very flexible shaft gives the user immense control (comparatively) on the launch angle of the ball; the low center of gravity due to the extra weight further adds to a greater launch angle on the ball, as well as adding to the forgiveness.
The friendliness of a golf club with the golfer depends on two things; the moment of inertia of the club and the ease with which the ball covers its distances.
  • The moment of inertia of the club decides the magnitude and cleanliness of impact of the head with the ball. The lower the moment of inertia of the club, the more crude the manner of it hitting the ball. This means there is a high chance of slicing the shot, making the ball go in a direction you didn't want it to. A higher moment of inertia means a good, clean and smooth hit on the ball, making it travel exactly the way you want it to.
  • The sweetest part of using a hybrid is its ability to hit the ball farther than a regular iron. If the same golfer takes a shot using both types of irons of the same number, he/she will find that the ball will travel around 15 to 17 yards farther on the hybrid than on the regular. So you get a bonus 15 yards on the same level of skill and energy!
It is now pretty much certain that hybrid clubs are better than regular irons, but that will eventually depend on an individual's style. Regular irons, being longer, can give a better speed while hitting the ball. If someone is used to a regular, he/she will take some time to adjust to a hybrid set. So, if you're a beginner, start on hybrids, and if you're professional, stick to the regulars.
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