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Awesome Fantasy Hockey Team Names You'll Definitely Love

Awesome Fantasy Hockey Team Names
Fantasy hockey, like its other counterparts, involves competing with other players based on statistics of professional players and teams. To get you hooked on to fantasy hockey, SportsAspire brings you amazing and funny fantasy hockey team names.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018
Rotisserie Team Structure
Center Forwards: 2
Left/Right Wing Forwards: 2 Each
Defensemen: 4
Goalies: 2
Bench Players: 4
Injured reserve: 2
Fantasy hockey is a form of fantasy sport which involves a team of players who compete with other players on the basis of statistics generated by real players participating in NHL events. Generally, a fantasy hockey league has eight to twelve teams which compete with one another on the basis of points scored by players in the team.
Fantasy hockey players choose NHL players via a draft, which often involves picking player names from a box, or simply auctioning for the respective players. Fantasy leagues often involve either 12, 15, or 20 skaters that fill various positions in the team. Now, if you have selected your desired players, you will need a catchy, yet unique, team name. We, at Buzzle, have put together some awesome team names for you to choose.
Fantasy Team Name Idea
Beaverians with stick
Flamke buoyant
Iced tailers
Jumbo heads
Nashty bs
Raging pompaloonians
Sam so nice
Skull breakers
Spekka chu
Web footers
Wela monikans
Spekka-chu Scooby Dubnyks Zamboners
Timonen Pumba Nit pitkanen Nashty B's
Boll Movements Wela Monikans Skull Breakers
Masked Breathers Iced Tailers Pirates of Bal-i
Web Footers Thwarted Egrets Flamed Shooters
Beaverians Raging Pompaloonians Red Riding Wolf
Sam-so-nice Flame Buoyant Jumbo Heads
Bill Boars Lucy Dreams Blur'd Lines
Dirty Rascals Clutterbuck Bettman Returns
Yandling Pekka Heads Orr Diggers
The Goon Squad The Kessel Run Wise Quacks
HuberDOH!!!!!! Fresh Prince of Brière The Perfect Strome
Average Jovanoski Woolley Bully Rosa Parks Sits Shotgun
Battlestar Battaglia Bend It Like Peckham Shame On Ice
Sandis Cassels Balls Of Fuhry Watermellanby
Mcammond Cheese Brian Bellows Odgers Neighbor
Jagr Bombs Pierre Mcguires Bended Neely
Barnes And Knuble Biron Maiden Concussion Junction
Freiburg Friars Cheese Bryz Chili Cheesebergfors
Rainbow Schubert Chocolate Leclair Miracle On Ice
Montreal Re-Habs The Hip Czechs Dateline Predators
Kimmo Therapy Doan of the Dead Staalarts
Clarknado Benn Gone Rough Ryders
Rough Ryders Pardy Thyme Kindl Fire
Miller Instinct Fehr Factor Rinnebourhood Watch
Besides fantasy leagues, players also participate in daily fantasy sports which are relatively more quicker and numbers-driven. Daily fantasy sports websites do not compete for the same players as traditional sports games, but instead allow the players to change team players after every game, making it even more interesting.