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Quirky and Creative Fantasy Basketball Team Name Ideas

Fantasy Basketball Team Name Ideas
It's time to gather around with your mates and enjoy the enthusiastic NBA sessions. It is also time for you to participate in fantasy basketball. Have a look at the ideas for team names given here.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Did You Know?
With fantasy basketball, players can trash talk each other during a game as it is being played. Besides, this can be done on a daily basis during the fantasy season, as games are always going on.
Popularized by ESPN Fantasy Sports, FanDuel, this sport has been inspired by fantasy baseball. Fantasy basketball is, in reality, a fantasy sport wherein fans draft a team of real-world athletes who then score fantasy points according to set scoring rules. The success of a fantasy basketball league team depends largely on the success of real-life NBA players.
One of the most important aspects of fantasy basketball is to be a team manager with a quirky team name. You obviously need to be witty, creative, and snazzy to outsmart your friends in choosing a team name. Given below are funny team names that you could use for the next league.
Quirky Fantasy Basketball Team Names
Ball doing
Basket brawlers
Beet bloppers
B hoggers
Bombsters bomb
Bouncing blobsters
Crazy frog
Grizzly gasol
Hoop breakers
Net wormers
Shoting star
Slushed sloshers
weirdo tornadous
Crack-smoking Monkeys Soup-a-stars Smokin Aces
Ball Busters Basket Brawlers Screw Balls
Shooting Stars Fireballs Fly Ballers
Hurricanes Lebrontourage Goose Balls
Cani-ball Shooters Cow-bell Splinters Boo-boo Balls
Unibrow Blockers Grizzly Gasol Sky Hookers
Walkie-talkies Multiple Scorgasms Coast Busters
Beer View Minors Smoking Threes Bling Ping
Doper Dunkers Lala Slopers Gotham Rogues
Walla Weasel Wackers Hoop Breakers Mario Go-getters
Silenced lambs Pacman's Chompsters Zig Zaglers
Stomping Chomping Fire Ballers Watered Balls
Nimble Masters Nimble Masters Dribblesters
Willow Watchers X-ray Visioners Alleyoopers
Ball Boing B-Hoggers Swing Mongers
Slushed Sloshers Banned Brothers Shady Dunkers
Weirdo Tornadoes Beet Bloppers Poodle Dunkers
High Ballers Head Bangers Net Ragers
Net Wormers Bear Dribblers X Boxers
Crazy Frog Smashers Flying Musketeers Bouncing Blobsters
Slow Backers Gator Slashers Beet Ballers
Fantasy Basketball 1-0-1
A fantasy basketball owner has to be more involved to have an edge over his or her opponents.
The leagues track as few as three or as many as eleven categories.
The three-category leagues usually account for only points, rebounds, and assists, while a nine-category league also includes the category of turnovers.
A public league typically comprises ten to twelve teams, while a private league comprises a variable number of teams.
Team managers get to choose players through either the snake draft or the auction draft.
Players of the fantasy basketball league can communicate through the site through features like Smack Talk.
Fantasy points are scored in the rotisserie scoring method, which is recorded by accumulating real-life statistics of the players. The team that scores the highest fantasy points at the end of a season emerges as the winner.
In head-to-head scoring, teams are expected to compete against a single team over the course of a week, at the end of which the team with most points wins.
The commissioner determines the number of fantasy points a particular statistic is worth.
Daily fantasy basketball involves contests that last for just a day.
The best part about generating team names is that you can never really stop the ideas that flow through your head. You can rack your brains for more creative team names. Keep the creative juices flowing is all I would like to say.