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75 Catchy Relay For Life Team Name Ideas are Pure Fitspiration

75 Catchy Relay For Life Team Name Ideas
The least you can do is to participate in the Relay For Life and applaud a family member or a friend who has put on a brave face while fighting cancer. Register yourself under a team name to get yourself enrolled for the walk that will help generate funds to help fight cancer.
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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
International Heroes of Hope
The International Relay For Life conducts events to support cancer organizations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

The Relay For Life organized by the American Cancer Society is one way to celebrate and appreciate those who have battled cancer. It is also an opportunity to remember lost loved ones and generate aid to help many others fight the disease. It is a platform where teams camp out overnight and take turns walking or running around a track.
Recollecting the beginnings of the Relay For Life, it is amazing to know how a single person can make a difference. It was Dr. Gordy Klatt's vision and mission to raise and enhance the income of the local American Cancer Society that has given momentum to this widespread, signature event. In May 1985, Dr. Gordy Klatt spent a grueling 24 hours circling the track at the Baker Stadium in Tacoma, during which he raised USD 27,000 to fight cancer.
Team Name Ideas
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
~Blister Sisters
~Happy Feet
~Peace Makers
~Knight Slayers
~Flower Power
~Yard Junkies
~Pac Masters
~Backstreet Fighters
~Victory Weigher's
~Pace Makers
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
~Sole Sisters
~Death Hooters
~County Raiders
~Thirsty Striders
~Angry Buddies
~Seattle Under Fire
~Dark Horses
~Master Blasters
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
~Defeating Amigos
~All Nights Flight
~Jumping Jackrabbits
~Miracle Livers
~Sole Strutters
~Hope Brigade
~Tumor Slayers
~Powder Puff's
~Decadence Fighters
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
~Cocoon Eaters
~Butterfly Wingers
~Bosom Buddies
~Butt Kickers
~Shady Breathers
~Slip Slap Slop
~Cancer Outlaw
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
~Little Bo Pink
~Smiley Faces
~Re-Lei Revelers
~SWAT Cats
~Cure Quarters
~Wild Bunch
~Cancer Crushers
~Cure Balled
~Little Red Corvette
~Cure Sprinters
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
~Pavement Pounders
~Cancer Crusaders
~Howard's Hooligans
~Cancer Triumphers
~Hope Rakers
~Morphin Cullers
~Tumor Disolvers
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
~Cure Bankers
~Holy Walkamolies
~Venomous Vixens
~The Strider's
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
~Rack Packers
~Pink Slips
~Mighty Misfits
~Cancer Crush
~Hope Fighters
~Toon Out Cancer
Blue Cancer Ribbon Awareness
Relay For Life
It is an organized fundraising, community walk that is held over the span of 24 hours to help finish the fight against cancer. The fact that a cancer cell never sleeps is the driving point for the participants to keep the vigil and help fight cancer every minute of the day.

Stage 1: Opening Ceremony and Survivors Walk
The event is flagged off by an opening ceremony where the relay teams are welcomed. Cancer survivors then walk to celebrate their victory over the dreaded disease. These heroes are welcomed amidst cheers, to tell a promising story to their audience. This is followed by the caregivers taking center stage to recognize all those who silently help cancer victims fight their battle. All the relay teams are then invited to walk together to mark the beginning of the event.

Stage 2: Luminaria Ceremony
As the sun begins to set, participants pay a tribute to all those who have lost the battle to cancer with dedicated luminaria bags. Silence overcomes the crowd as the lights begin to illuminate the track. Participants, survivors, and caregivers gather once again to remember loved ones lost to cancer, and to honor those that are staging a continuous battle with cancer. Luminaria dedication bags can also be dedicated in support of each participant. Individual walking takes place through the night along with games, activities, and entertainment.

Stage 3: Fight Back Ceremony
The event is wrapped up with an emotionally-charged ceremony where each participant is called to take action to help fight against cancer. Relayers in this final lap, pledge to spread awareness about cancer research, treatments, and prevention, thus, making a commitment to save lives all year-round.
Make a contribution to help fight cancer by participating or volunteering for the Relay For Life. You can join an existing team, start a new team, join as a survivor or even as a caregiver to help support the event.