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Baseball Bat Sizing

Starting off into the game of baseball as a batter, one needs to find the perfect bat. This comes before you even hit the field, so choose wisely.
SportsAspire Staff
To ensure the progress of your little tyke in baseball, it is important that you equip him with the best sports equipment. Baseball bats can be tricky to buy, given that there are several bats available in the market that vary in size, weight, and shape. So, which bat will best suit your child?
Baseball Bat Buying Guide
What are the things to consider while buying a baseball bat?
  • The Rules:One of the first considerations will be what sizes and materials are allowed by the league rules. Some smaller leagues may discourage the use of metal and aluminum bats, as they aren't allowed in a lot of senior leagues. So, first you need to look into the rules of the baseball league to decide which bat can be purchased.
  • The Price: Another very important consideration is the price. What is the price range in which you can afford to buy the bat? Bats come in all price ranges, and you need to decide which one fits into your budget.
  • The Length: Kids often feel that a longer bat will help them reach the ball better and will improve their strike of a wide-pitched ball. But your child may not be able to maneuver the bat well enough. Make sure your child is comfortable with the length of the bat.
  • The Weight: The last thing you need to look for while buying a bat, is the weight of the bat. And for the length and breadth considerations, the next part will give you a fair idea of what is the ideal bat size for people of different age groups.
Youth Baseball Bat Size Chart
By Age
Age Baseball Bat Size
5 - 7 yrs 24" - 28"
8 - 9 yrs 27" - 29"
10 years 28" - 30"
11 - 12 years 30" - 31"
13 - 14 years 31" - 32"
15 - 16 years 32" - 33"
By Length
Batter's Height Bat Length
3'5" - 3'8" 26" - 29"
3'9" - 4' 28" - 30"
4'1" - 4'8" 29" - 31"
4'9" - 5'4" 31" - 33"
5'5" - 6' 32" - 34"
Over 6' 33" - 34"
By Weight
Player's Age Bat Weight
8 - 10 yrs 16 - 20 oz
11 - 12 years 18 - 23 oz
High School and College Students 27 oz and over
Choosing and buying a baseball bat are very important steps in introducing your little one to the game of baseball. Hence, make sure you refer to these charts while deciding on your purchase of a bat!