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Try These Fantastically Perfect Bowling Games to Have Loads of Fun

Bowling Games
Tired of the same old bowling routine? If you don't find the game to be challenging enough, spice it up with these fun bowling games.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018
Are you the kind of person who goes bowling at every opportunity you get? My guess is you've played a lot of bowling games; you've been there, done that. My guess is also that the monotony of the game is beginning to set in, and you probably find that the game is just not challenging enough anymore. As they say, variety is the spice of life. Even if it's a game, playing it on a regular basis without anything new to look forward to can get boring and also have you lose interest in it. So, try these variations in your regular game, and have a new set of fun games.
Tough Luck
The normal playing technique is passé. Here is a template that has different moves that can be introduced to make a difficult game more challenging.
  • Bowl with the hand other than the one you normally use. If you are left-handed, use your right hand to bowl and vice versa.
  • Stand with your back facing towards the alley and bowl backwards.
  • Instead of the usual sprinting and releasing, try hopping and releasing the ball.
  • Sit in a cross-legged position or squat on the floor and bowl.
  • Create a human bowling alley by having your teammates stand one behind the other with their legs apart. Bowl through their legs.
Predetermined Moves
Prepare a list of things that have to be achieved by every team that is playing; each of which can be struck off once achieved. For instance:
  • A team has to hit only two, or five, or eight pins.
  • A team has to hit only the foremost pin.
  • A team has to clear a split.
  • A team has to knock over only an odd or even number of pins. A team has to strike at least once.
  • To top it all, a team must have at least one gutter.
As and when these are completed, they can be struck off the list. The team to do it the quickest wins. You need not accomplish these in any particular order, unless you are a professional player or team.
Slow and Steady Wins the Game
Another way to spice up your game is to have two teams playing simultaneously in different lanes. Each player begins to bowl together, but has to bowl in slow motion in the slowest possible way. In this game, it is not the number of pins you strike, but the ball to finish last that gets you a point. For all you pros, let's see how you go the opposite direction for a change.
Poker or Bowling? Or Both?
In the list of fun games, poker bowling is the most interesting. The method is simple. For every strike or split a player or team gets, a card is pulled from the top of the deck. These cards are to be collected until the end of the tenth frame. After the tenth frame, all the players are asked to make the best poker game of the collected cards. The team or player with the highest bowling score combined with the best poker game, wins.
These variations can also be toned down a little so that kids can enjoy them. With these fun variations, I am sure that you must now be looking forward to your next gaming weekend.
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