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102 Creative Powderpuff Football Team Names

102 Creative Powderpuff Football Team Names
A good and creative name can give a unique identity to your team. That is how people will know you and your team the entire season. Therefore, naming your team is a big decision to make. We bring you some of the best names for Powderpuff football teams. Have a look!
Tanaya Navalkar
Did You Know?

Although it is not clear when powderpuff football actually started, there is a photographic evidence of it being played in the year 1931 at Western State College of Colorado.

Powderpuff football is an annual high-school event in which girls' teams compete against each other for a rough and tough game of football. They are coached by the boys who actually play football. It is actually a Flag football or Touch football game played amongst girls, in the United States and Canada. The term originated from 'powderpuff', a soft material used by girls to apply powder on face. It is usually played before the homecoming. It is a fun game that takes in many of the rules and regulations of its more violent counterpart. The funds that come from tickets and concession sales mainly go to a charity, senior class, or dance.

Whether you are going for funny, clever, or flamboyant names, the name of your team should sound good when used. We have compiled a list of 102 names from all over the Internet to make your task easier. Check them out!

Funny Powderpuff Football Team Names

Most of the names are for girls' teams, but some of them can also be used for boys or co-ed teams. So, go ahead and pick a wacky name for your team, and stand out among all others.

Alpha Females
Amazing Angels
Atomic Fireballs
Awesome Blossoms
Babe Runners
Back that Pass Up
Bad Intentions
Barbie Dolls
Bare Exposure
Beauty and the Beasts
Black Mambas
Black Thunder
Blitz Babes
Cherry Bombs
Chocolate Chicks
Crazy Legs
Crazy Queens
Cute n' Deadly
Dazzling Divas
Deadly Divas
Deep Threat
Deep Impact
Dirty Devils
Divine Gals
Dynamite Dolls
End Zone Divas
Fabulous Babes
Fabulous Fumblers
Football Pirates
Foxy Chicks
Fright Night
Girl Power
G.I. Janes
Hair, Makeup, and Wins
Hair Strike
Halftime Honeys
Heels on Wheels
Fantasy Goddesses
Incredible Ladies
Junior Mints
Lightning Bolts
Long Snappers
Loose Ends
Lucky Charms
Madd Dogs
Mighty Mermaids
Natural Disaster
Naughty Boys
No Punt Intended
Outta Control
Pearl Princesses
Pink Cougars
Pink Panthers
Poison Ivys
Ponytail Express
Powerpuff Girls
Fanatics on Loose
Puff n' Stuff
Puttin' on the Hitz
Pylon Pythons
Queens of the Midway
Raging Bulls
Raging Storm
Reigning Killers
Road Runners
Royal Knights
Runaway Brides
Running Rebels
Sassy Syndicate
Sensational Sisters
Scorching Angels
Shooting Stars
Silver Bullets
Skull Crushers
Sky High
Speed Demons
Spicy Girls
Star Struck
Team Geek
Team Jagermeister
The Cunning Cats
The Hot Foxes
The Mean Greens
Throw Like a Girl
Twisting Tornadoes
Vicious Vixens
Vick In A Box
Victorious Secret
Violet Vipers
Wailing Banshees
Widow Makers
Wild Cats
Wild Things
Your Worst Nightmare

So, selected any names yet? Choose a name such that it describes your team and make sure it's a funny one because people do not forget funny and wacky names that easily. We hope this list caters to your needs, and we're sure you can come up with uncountable creative and cool names. Use this list as an inspiration or mismatch the names to create some new and interesting names. You just need to use a bit of creativity! Please feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: The names mentioned in the list above may already be registered to an entity or an organization. They have been listed here with the clear intention to provide ideas.