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Creative Soccer Award Ideas You Can Choose From

Creative Soccer Award Ideas
When it comes to soccer awards, the conventional awards such as trophies, medals, and certificates, can be given an interesting twist, by including soccer elements in them. SportsAspire enlists some creative ideas for soccer awards.
Neha B Deshpande
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Did You Know?
Trophies, medals, certificates, and t-shirts-the options may seem limited. But the trick is to experiment with their designs and go creative with the choice of award categories.
Soccer Award ceremonies are a great way to honor the team players. Every player dreams of his own 'Wall of Fame', displaying his awards, medals, and certificates. Also, these awards stand testimony to one's achievements and serve as a constant motivator. A team award serves as a memento of the team's success, as well as the sportsmanship and team spirit of the participants.
If you're organizing a soccer award ceremony at your school or club, the most important thing is to order the awards in advance. The design details of the medals and trophies, and their number should be finalized beforehand. Team awards should be synchronized, while individual awards can be different for different achievements.
In giving the awards, recognize everyone's efforts, and ensure that even the losing team gets a participation prize at least. You could give the teams some complementary gifts such as shirts, wrist-bands, waterware, etc., along with trophies and medals. And not just teams, award their coaches too. Also arrange for some gifts for the parents (in case of kids participating), volunteers, and the cheering teams. To add a fun element to the awarding, you could come up with some funny awards and categories, while also ensuring that no one is hurt.
Here, we give you some creative soccer award ideas. Choose the ones you like.
Conventional Awards with a Twist
Instead of the conventional trophies, go in for unique designs such that elements like the soccer ball or other sports gear are blended. A crystal soccer ball trophy is another idea you could go in for.
Soccer award certificate of achievement
The best player of the series, the player who made the most number of goals, and the best goalkeeper, could be given certificates of achievement. Members of both the teams could be given certificates of participation. The Best Team Player, Most Improved Player, Best Defense, and the Best Striker, are among the other categories under which certificates could be given.
Soccer award certificate of participation
Soccer award certificate
Medals and Trophies
Soccer award trophies
There are several designs in trophies and medals. You could find references online or come up with your own ideas for the designs. You could get the trophies and medals engraved with the names of the teams or the category/title. Again, you could have soccer elements as a part of the trophy and medal designs. The images above could be used as reference. Small plaques could be given as consolation prizes.
Soccer award medals
Soccer award ribbons
Award ribbons are available in different designs (for example, rosette award ribbons). Customized ribbons are available online, and the images shown above could be used as reference. Pinning ribbons to the players' t-shirts makes them feel proud, which makes these a popular choice of soccer awards.
Funny Soccer Awards
Funny soccer award player of the series
To add to the fun, you could give a special certificate to the player with the most female fans, or to the player who took the most number of breaks, or to the one who was seen shirtless the maximum number of times.
Funny soccer award certificate
Funny soccer award trophies
You could have funny-looking trophies, such as one with a smiling face or those with other expressions. You could also include funny titles like the player who made the maximum penalties, or the player who never turned up on time, or the player who was the most aggressive throughout the series. Healthy humor is fine. See that you do not go overboard with this.
Funny soccer award t-shirt
T-shirts with funny messages are another good option for funny soccer awards. The most aggressive player could be gifted with a T-shirt saying so. The player who missed goals, or someone who played quite lazily, could be given a t-shirt with a similar message. Again, see that you don't go overboard and ensure that the same player is not chosen for multiple funny categories, or he may feel like a scapegoat.
Some Useful Gifts
T-shirts and Accessories
Soccer award t-shirt
Other than trophies, medals, and certificates, you could also think of gifting something useful to all the participants. You could choose from articles such as bottles, wristbands, key-chains, shirts, and mugs. They are useful, and also serve as souvenirs. A pair of soccer shoes or a soccer ball are among the other popular choices. In case of mugs, key-chains, and t-shirts, you could have the players' names engraved on them. You could synchronize these gifts with the team color. For the kids, you could gift candy, or chocolates or cookies in the shape of a soccer ball. Photo frames with pictures of funny and touching moments of the tournament, could also be given. A framed photograph of all the team members with their coach is perhaps one of the simplest and most cherished soccer gift ideas.
If the participants' parents are going to be attending the awards ceremony, you could involve them too. One idea is to recognize their presence through a 'Most Supportive Parent' or a 'Soccer Mom/Dad' award. Involve everyone attending, and try to ensure that all those participating get something to take home at the end of the series. What's more important than winning or losing, is participating; be it in any form.