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Deadliest Style of Martial Arts

Deadliest Style of Martial Arts
So you want to know which is the deadliest style of martial arts. Do you want to choose from all the styles, the one that makes you an ultimate lethal weapon? Then sorry to disillusion you, there is no such unique style! Every style can be deadly depending on how you wield it. To learn more, go through this article. . .
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
A search for a particular deadliest style of martial arts, is unnecessary, as every style can be deadly if used effectively. Every punk round the corner wants to be a 'Human lethal weapon'! Do you think that learning a few tricks or a few moves, from any one art could make you an ace fighter? Any martial art developed by people around the world, has its advantages and pitfalls because nothing is perfect. Everything in this universe evolves from a not so perfect form to a perfect one. Every martial art has a potential to be the deadliest, in hands of the one, who really masters it and learns how to wield it!
Being the best fighter, is not just mastering every move from any one art, rather it is mastering the mind. It is not the goal of a true martial artist to learn to kill or maim somebody, unless he has to do so, in self defense. They want to reach that state of concentration where the mind is totally aware and the body is in harmony with the mind. A state of total control over mind and body! Real power lies in being supremely aware and in the ability to anticipate and read the opponent's mind.
The best fighter has the ability to combat anyone, anywhere, anytime. Being dangerous or deadly may have nothing to do with what style of martial arts you know, it's all about instincts and attitude. When a man is pushed to the edge of survival and provoked beyond limit, the animal instincts within him are on a high alert. No one likes to be cornered, but once he or she is, self defense is the only way out. Such a cornered man can be the deadliest, even though he may not have mastered any martial art.
Combat is a mind game first and then a physical game. It is about releasing the animal within you, if need be and also learn to keep him on a leash. Yes, at the start the martial arts styles were designed with the purpose of self defense but they evolved into much more than that. Many of them got integrated with a religion or a philosophy. Remember that every martial art is an art first and any art only liberates you! Art adds meaning and substance to your life and leads you on a path of self discovery. More than combat styles they became a way of life. Whatever may be your reason, self defense or self discovery, deciding to learn a martial art is a good decision. So the right question to ask, is not that which art is deadliest but which martial art style will suit you best!
Here is a list of some of the best known martial arts styles. The complete list will be endless, as almost every part of the world has an indigenous martial art style. The best way to know which is the deadliest style, is to learn every one of them, if possible and decide for yourself! Many prefer mastering just one which is a deadly enough task in itself!
Martial Arts Styles
  • Judo
  • Aikido
  • Taekwondo
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Kung Fu
  • Karate
  • Kick Boxing
About Different Martial Arts Styles
Judo was developed as a style in Japan and has slowly become popular world over. The word 'Judo' literally means 'gentleness' or 'suppleness', ironically. It is a style which involves a lot of throwing, grappling and striking maneuvers along with joint locking and chocking techniques that can subdue an opponent. It involves powerful kicks and punches along with the use of weapons.
Philosophy behind Judo
Founded in the 19th century by Kanō Jigorō, a Japanese martial arts expert and polymath, the central philosophy behind the creation of Judo could be called 'Principle of Least Action'. That is, it's designed to derive maximum efficiency, through as little effort as possible. It teaches you, how to use an opponent's force against him. Judo is undoubtedly one of the most effective styles, which can give you the edge in any combat scenario.
Aikido literally means 'Unifying life force'. This martial arts style is unique in its philosophy. It is developed with the thought of neutralizing one's opponent, while taking care that he is not injured, as far as possible. An Aikido fighter uses and directs the momentum of an opponent against him. It involves a lot of grappling and throwing styles as well as joint locks. 
Philosophy behind Aikido
Developed by Japanese martial arts great Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido is unique in many ways. All the moves taught as part of Aikido training are such that the opponent's momentum is made to work against him. It consists of a series of attack and defense techniques which provide a complete arsenal for the peaceful warrior.
Taekwondo is a Korean martial arts style which literally means 'Way of leg and fist'. It is a holistic martial art style which integrates meditation, sport and combat as its essential principles. It is one of the most popular arts, practiced world over. It involves almost all the traditional techniques of kicking, punching as well as joint locking, along with throwing.
Philosophy behind Taekwondo
Like most martial arts, Taekwondo too, has an origin in the Orient, specifically in the South Korean army. Compared to other arts, Taekwondo places a higher emphasis on kicking techniques and they form a major part of training. Besides sparring, throwing and self defense techniques, learning to break tiles, ice slabs, bricks and wooden boards are part of training.
Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu or Jujutsu which literally translates as 'way of yielding', is the original ancient Japanese martial arts style, involving armed and unarmed combat that was mastered by the 'Samurai'. It is rather a huge family of styles that have evolved from the original Jiu Jitsu. It is the most complete warrior training program designed to create human lethal weapons!
Philosophy behind Jiu Jitsu
You could call Jujutsu, the grand daddy of all martial arts that evolved later in the Orient. Jujutsu emerged to serve the fighting techniques of the Samurai. Immobilization, throwing, strangling, choking, pinning and locking of joints are some of the moves that form the core of Jujutsu moves. It's one of the toughest arts to master and practitioners invest many years of their life to master it.
Kung Fu
Kung Fu
Kung Fu or Wu Shu in Chinese, is a family of Chinese martial arts styles which has evolved over thousands of years as one of the most effective combative styles. It is a holistic style, that involves the training of mind and body to create harmony of thought and action. Immortalized by the 'Kung Fu Panda' movie series, this Chinese martial arts form is the most complete set of techniques that will not only enable you to defend yourself, but help you connect with the world on a spiritual level.
One more classic Japanese martial art that involves rapid leg thrusts, punching and open handed combat. Karate is a very aggressive style. Owing its origin to the Ryukyu islands near Japan, it is one of the most popular martial arts forms, practiced all over the world.
Kick Boxing
Kick Boxing
Kick boxing, as the name suggests, is boxing integrated with kicking techniques. It is a popular sport in USA and is a good technique for self defense which involves full body contact. This is a modern self defense technique, created out of an amalgamation of various martial arts styles with various different regional versions. It fuses the kicking techniques of various arts with the punching techniques of classical boxing, making it a highly potent style of self defense.
Other Martial Arts
Some of the other modern martial arts styles are Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Kendo, Kenpō, Shaolin Kung Fu etc. Of these,  Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are considered as types of a new term called “Mixed Martial Arts or MMA”. Apart from these arts, boxing is also considered as a martial art.
Each of these styles have a set of moves and techniques which need to be mastered one at a time. The most important thing is learning how to direct and divert the flow of energy. The base of all these combat styles is the development of higher levels of endurance and fitness, which is achieved through rigorous body strengthening exercises. Training the mind is given even greater importance as combat is all about concentration.
How to Choose a Martial Arts Style
Choose a style that suits your temperament and constitution. Read and gather as much as you can about various styles. Inquire with friends and family. The dictum 'Go to the Masters' is always profitable. So meet the masters or teachers of a particular style and discuss with them. Attend a try out class for a particular style.
Check the credentials of the teachers of that style. If you have a good feeling about the way things go about, in a particular class, go for it. No matter which martial arts style you go for, be mentally prepared for rigorous workouts and subjecting your body to new levels of pain and endurance. Your endurance and pain threshold will go up if you survive the initial hardcore workout. The goal is to make your body agile, tough and responsive by loosening and strengthening every muscle. The last criteria is, follow the style which you enjoy the most! Don't choose a style just because your friend is doing so.
So all in all, I cannot say which is the deadliest martial arts style because to me all of them seem equally deadly. Still I can guarantee that mastering any one of these martial arts styles will make you a formidable fighter to the core. Not only will you be able to deal with bullies, you will also develop a renewed respect for yourself and gain confidence!
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