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Here's a Step-by-step Guide on How to Do a Perfect Cartwheel

How to Do a Cartwheel
Learning to do cartwheels is quite a simple task, once the basic moves are understood. This is an important gymnastic maneuver, and can be performed very easily. Have a look...
Rahul Thadani
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Young woman doing cartwheel on grass
A cartwheel is a basic gymnastic move that is very easy to perform. You must have learned how to do one when you were a child, and in all likelihood, this is something that cannot be easily forgotten. Learning a cartwheel flip can be easily done in a matter of a few minutes, and after practicing the move for some time, it can be perfectly mastered. There are a few elemental things you must remember, before setting out to learn how to do cartwheels, and keeping these in mind will help you follow the instructions. This move also forms the base for any advanced gymnastic move, such as in rhythmic gymnastics, and an individual learning gymnastics must master this move first.
By following this step-by-step guide , you can soon master this move. It is not a very dangerous move and most people can easily carry it out. One does not require some high level of physical fitness or any advanced equipment in order to do this maneuver.
  • The first thing to remember is that there should be enough space when you are doing a cartwheel. You need to take a slight run up and land in a clear area, or you may end up slamming your body against some object which could potentially hurt you. Or you could even end up breaking something. Either way, ensure that there is adequate space and room when you are attempting to do a cartwheel. Another pointer for you is to attempt to do the cartwheel on a soft grassy area, or on a floor with a rug. The landing can be harsh sometimes, and landing on a soft surface will reduce the possibility of injury.
  • The instructions here are for carrying out a front to back cartwheel, which is the toughest one. The other variant, the side to side cartwheel, is comparatively much simpler to do. You need to raise your arms straight up in the air, having the bicep part of arms on both sides touch your ear lobes. You will be taking the support of your arms and upper body strength, so make sure that they are stretched out absolutely straight. Failure to do so could cause you to crumble when your weight is held up by your arms. For someone setting out to learn to perform the physical tactic, it is important to build upper body strength, and also the muscles in the arms. You cannot learn to do a cartwheel without the hands being able to support your body weight.
  • Point your left foot towards the front and place it slightly forward now. This front foot will always point in the direction which you intend to go. Some people find it convenient to point the other foot in an outwardly direction, in order to get better balance. Do not forget to keep an eye on where you are going to place your hands. Noting the exact spot right before your feet leave the ground is advisable. Many people fail to do this, and end up losing their balance.
  • Now, start bending over and place your left hand on the ground first. The right hand will soon follow the left hand to the ground, and you must simultaneously lift up your right leg from the ground as well. As soon as the right hand reaches the ground you must kick out strongly with the right leg, so that your left leg also rises in the air. You will now be in a vertical position, and you must tighten your back and keep your balance. Since you are practically doing a headstand and balancing on your arms, having strong arms will definitely help.
You will now land on the ground due to the momentum, and your right leg, which was at the back of your body when you started, will now come in the front of it. The left leg will soon follow through, and you should be in the same position that you started out at the beginning. Maintaining the balance and posture would be improved over time with practice.
You must also remember to breathe properly during the entire process to get the best results. Once you have practiced doing a cartwheel enough number of times, you will be able to carry out this maneuver with increasing confidence and considerable ease.
man doing handstands