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How to Juke in Football

How to Juke in Football

A juke move not only can help you win the game, but also makes you a skilled athlete. Read how to juke in football, from the following article...
Sheetal Mandora
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What is juke? In football, a juke is a move where a player deceives his / her opponent on the field. A juke is also known as the 'Stutter Step' or 'Shake and Bake'. This is an offensive move where the player outmaneuvers his / her defensive opponent by performing this fake move. Many a time, regardless of what sport you're playing, different kinds of moves are done to confuse the opposing players, so that you can gain points and win the game. A juke is no different. If you are aspiring to be a football player, then perhaps you should master your skills on this move. As you read the rest of the article, you will find the correct steps on how a juke is properly done.

Attempt a Juke

In order to juke or mislead defenders, a running back has to learn the correct way to perform the move. Once the running back comes into a clear space after breaking through the line, the player will come against a linebacker or a defensive back. Here, the offensive player needs to put a move on the opponent player, so that he / she can get additional yardage.
  • You need to stand on the field and keep your stance low and balanced. Make sure you are so, throughout the move.
  • When on the field, you have either the linebacker or the defensive back trying you tackle you at this point. You need to decide which side or which way you will be going before making the juke.
  • Regardless of the player coming over to tackle you, move closer to that player as it will be easier for you to do the juke at the very last instance.
  • Decide which way you are going to turn once you finish the juke. If you are going to be move towards the right, turn the shoulders onto the left side, and vice versa.
  • When you're about a couple of yards away from the player, slam your left foot on the field if you are choosing to finish the juke, and move out to gain yardage from the right side, and vice versa.
  • As you plant your left foot on the left side, the opponent thinks that you are going to move in that direction.
  • Just as your opponent tries to tackle you from the left side, you will shift your body's weight towards the right side, along with turning your hips and pushing away and forward with your right foot.
  • Use your hand to shove the opposing player's arm that is coming towards you for the tackle. If the player comes too close to you, keep your shoulders down at this point and move into his chest.
  • When you do this, the opponent will let you go and you would've successfully completed the juke.
You can try some football running back drills to sharpen your skills as a player. While performing the juke, make sure that you don't slip down and cause a turnover. Which is why, tightly holding onto the ball is the key in this move. Also, shaking your body, and doing a few steps (going right, left, right, left with your feet) is a good way to throw your opponent off guard. Keep your eye on the defender, and do not lose sight of the player, because then you'll be confused as to which way you should be going.

Along with knowing how to juke the right way, speed is also crucial. If you aren't fast enough to juke the opponent, you can't really carry out this move properly. Practice as much as you can, and try working on various moves in football that will help you become a better player.