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Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl Tickets

Watching the Super Bowl on T.V. is one thing and actually attending a game is a quite different and immeasurably more exciting proposition.
Sonal Panse
The Super Bowl, which is the National Football League (NFL)'s championship game, is one of the biggest events in professional American Football. One of the quirks of Super Bowl is that each event is marked by Roman Numerical. The NFL season usually tends to extend beyond the New Year, so the sports events are not accounted for by the year.

Past Super Bowl Winners
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Washington Redskins
  • Green Bay Packers
  • New England Patriots
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • New York Giants
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Denver Broncos
  • Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts
  • New York Jets
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Chicago Bears
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • L.A./Oakland Raiders
  • St. Louis Rams
  • Baltimore Ravens
The first Super Bowl ever played took place on 15 January 1967 between the championship teams of the NFL and its then rival, the American Football League (AFL); the two merged later in 1970. Since then Super Bowl Sunday, which encompasses both the championship and the pre-game and halftime festivities, has become the most watched live sports telecast in the USA. It has also become customary for some of the leading musicians from around the world to perform during the Super Bowl's pre-game and halftime ceremonies. In recent times, performers like Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake - of the star-spangled nipple fame - and Sir Paul McCartney have performed at the such events. Watching these matches on T.V. is one thing and actually attending a game is a quite different and immeasurably more exciting proposition. If you get the chance to attend, you definitely should. Given the sheer popularity of these games, however, the tickets are the most sought after and the most difficult to get.

Super Bowl tickets, as mentioned, are not easy to come by. The majority of the tickets are first distributed amongst the participating teams, the other NFL teams and the tam hosting the event. The National Football League teams participating in the Super Bowl get about 75 percent of the Super Bowl Tickets. The hosting team gets around 9 percent of the tickets. Other NFL teams, who are not participating in the Super Bowl, are given around 1 percent of the tickets. The National Football League gives the remaining 25 percent of tickets to season ticket holders, VIPs, sponsors, media, charities, companies affiliated with the NFL, and the Host Committee.

Random Drawing
The National Football League sells tickets to the general public only through the Super Bowl Random Drawing process. You cannot get Super Bowl tickets any other way. Keep in mind that the National Football League does not sell tickets to ticket vendors or agents, so if you find anyone offering you any, they're probably out to stiff you. Only about 500 pairs of these tickets are available through the Random Drawing and practically every single American Football fan out there will be scrambling for them, so be prepared for a very stiff competition. Each ticket costs around $400. The Super Bowl Random Drawing may seem like a lottery, but actually there is no fee for participation. You can send in only one request per household; if you send in more than requests, they will simply discard them. In order to participate, you must write - or better yet, type out - a letter requesting tickets to the NFL and send it either by certified postal mail or registered postal mail to -

Super Bowl Random Drawing
P.O. Box 49140
Strongsville, OH 44149-0140

If your letter is not sent by certified/registered postal service, it will not be considered. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number in your letter, and send the letter between 1 February and 1 June as this is the period in which NFL accepts the entries for the Super Bowl Random Drawing. You will receive an acknowledgment for your letter from the NFL and, later, will receive a notification of the Super Bowl Random Drawing results. The Random Drawing takes place in October usually.

If you're lucky and get picked in the Super Bowl Random Drawing, you will get the chance to buy two Super Bowl tickets, attend a championship game on the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday, hopefully see a new record being made in Super Bowl history, and watch the winning team receive the Vince Lombardi Trophy.